Professional Traffic System for Radio and TV stations and Digital Signage Automation

Radio & TV

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Station Manager
Station Manager

Station Manager is a versatile traffic system for management and control of radio & TV stations that provides comprehensive and flexible features for creating and broadcasting fully automated program.
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Slide 1 - RA System

RA System
Radio Station Manager

Radio Station Manager is a powerful software solution for integrated management and control of radio stations that provide comprehensive and flexible features for creating and broadcasting fully automated music program.
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RA System
TV Station Manager

TV Station Manager consists of separate modules that completely automate the whole process, from scheduling to broadcasting. With its flexibility, reliability and easy-to-use interface, our solution is helping broadcasting companies to reach higher levels of efficiency and to provide rich and varied high-quality TV program to their viewers.
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StreetTV is a software package for management and control of advertising-informational video channel in trade centres, restaurants, universities, hotels, etc.

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Software solutions


About us

We are a software company specialized in developing software for management of radio and television stations, as well as software for management and planning of advertising audio and video channels.

During the years we have built our reputation based on innovative and reliable solutions, which are easy to learn and use and helped dozens of Media broadcasters to reach higher levels of efficiency. Our product portfolio includes widely used and recognizable products such RA System, StreetTV and UniTV.

Our employees

Our employees are highly educated young people whose motivation for working and dealing with problems ensures all that our customers expect from us.

Our clients

Our clients that are using our main product Station Manager are municipal and private radio stations with national and regional coverage. Most of the Bulgarian music televisions are also using software solutions based on RASystem. Last but not least, more and more Internet radios trust us as using our solutions for planning and streaming radio in the Internet.

We completed the following projects:

  • local radio channel in a number of trade centers: TZUM (Central Department Store) – Sofia, the supermarket chain - CBA stores, MTel radio;
  • local video channel in Shopping Center Royal - Ruse;
  • a project of Ruse Municipality for the tourist and cultural attractions of Ruse and the region with video displays located in the major hotels in Ruse;

We also offer complete solutions for planning and management of advertising video screens. Over 20 LED displays all across Bulgaria are managed with StreetTV.